A change of pressure


So, today’s ride was a little interesting.

Before I set out, I pumped up my tyres. I couldn’t be bothered to get them to the pressure I normally ride, which is about 100, instead I put 90psi into each.

I set out on my ride, and I thought I took it easy. It certainly wasn’t pushed, it was just a nice easy ride. However, getting a rather nice surprise when I finished and looked at my stats 8 personal bests, and a new best time for 20km.

All I can think of, is that tyre pressure heavily influenced the rolling resistance of my wheels.

I remember thinking one particular segment I have issues with, appeared to be stupidly easy, and I never went out of my way to beat any personal bests, it just happened.

Now, doing some research on this, I found out that on buttery smooth roads, higher pressures are best, as less tyre will be deformed to the road surface, so should have less rolling resistance.

On rough surfaces, such as the worn potholed rough roads I was riding on, a tire at lower pressure is able to absorb more of the bumps than a tire at higher pressure, with less deflection of the bike and its rider. This is the same “sprung vs. un-sprung weight” argument that demonstrates why suspension makes a bicycle faster on rough terrain — it takes less energy to keep the bike rolling if only a small amount of weight is lifted (like a small section of the tire) than if the entire bike and rider is lifted by the bump.

So, from here on, I’m running at 90 psi..

A Few Upgrades

So, its been a little while, and a few extra miles covered on the bike.

I’ve upgraded a few parts on the bike, and noticed a significant increase in performance. First off, after speaking to my Mechanic  with a issue with the front wheel extra bearings, he recommended Racing 5 wheels from Fulcrum. The spin rate of the wheels was amazing, when spun on the work stand, they just kept on going.

Riding the bike saw a vast decrease in times, with a good set of personal bests beaten.

On my first proper outing with them, and the new drive chain,

Second replacement was a new drive train, as the bike had done well over 1000 miles and the chain had stretched well past replacement.

Now the times really started to fall, on almost each ride, I noticed how much less power I was having to put down to get the same forward motion, and how easy they coasted. The best ride was out to Wetherby, a fast route once your past Rudding hill.
Untitled pictureThis Section, from Folifoot to Spofforth saw me have an average speed of 22mph, topping out at 31mph. And I wasn’t really trying there. But the bike just zipped along.

Some of this is without doubt, due to improved fitness, but alot is down to the wheels. They are simply the best upgrade you can make to a bike to improve its speed. Especially over stock factory wheels.

So, if your wanting to upgrade your performance, replace those slow factory wheels with a better solution.


On my recent ride, I was heading up Starbeck high street. There are alot of stopgap traffic up there, as the road is being fixed.

I was overtaken by the knaresbough bus, but the driver failed to estimate the distance, and ended up squeezing me to the curb.
But to be fair, we can all make mistakes, and this could of been worse.

In my time of using the roads, and travelling on the Buses, transdev drivers are polite, professional and courteous. So this may of been an underestimated distance, stressing to make time due to the roadworks or just human error.

I’ve contacted transdev about this, and will update when I hear back.

Ice Ice baby!

It was cold this morning, there were warnings for ice. Did I pay any attention? Nope. Non at all. And I learnt the hard way to watch the road.

I tried to control the skid, over corrected and bamn, a slide right down the road. Watching the video back, I can clearly see the ice, but it could of just been a damp patch on the road. Ah well, I know better for next time 🙂

See the ride here..

A quick ride to Ripley

So I decided on a quick trip to Ripley, for two reasons, that were to test the new Mudguards, and the new camera system.

What I failed to realise, is that Ripley Christmas Market was on, and it was hell busy in Ripley. I spent most of the time in Ripley, shouting for peds to move over, non of them heard me first or second times, and it took some real effort to make them move!

However watching the video back, I was surprised at the great driving displayed by the Drivers on Skipton Road. Gave me plenty of space, and waited for overtaking until safe. I’ve had my share of bad drivers on the road, but this was a nice ride.